My name is Kasia Fortuna and I am a hair stylist. I trained extensively in England with world renowned hair stylists to perfect my craft. I have a passion for creating unique and beautiful looking hair that caters to my clients’ request. My trip into hair design has been a hair raising experience consisting of : top knots, up do’s, chignons, buns, and Avant Garde styles that have found their way into photo shoots, catwalk, TV shows, bridal & fashion magazines. Hairdressing is a fantastic adventure and one that enables me to travel internationally, work on fashion shows, campaigns, television and with couture designers. By working at the top level in both the fashion and wedding industries, I have to develop and keep my craftsmanship at the highest level to satisfy the most inauspicious critics. Being in both industries makes me unique – I am able to design hair that is modern and sophisticated and yet looks classy and beautiful at the same time. Furthermore, I am well versed and up to date with all the latest trends in fashion. I love transforming brides to be. For your wedding, I will work hard to make sure you have an elegant, modern, and unsurpassed hairstyle on your special day.

I adore the run up with clients from the first consultation to trial hairstyles and hearing about the groom’s reaction when he sees his wife to be.
Most of all, I like being part of a day that helps a bride step out of the dream that is now a reality. To be a member of that dream club would be a privilege and I’d be honoured to work with you to create the look you envisioned of and even the look you did not realized you desired until we met. Hairdressing for big occasions is so much more than picking up a brush, comb, hair dryer and tongs. It is about getting to know you, the bride to be, your likes and dislikes, who you are…really. It’s about who you want to be when your groom looks into your eyes to make the promise that says “I’m yours”. And so for me, creating hair designs is more than looking at the shape of your face or giving you the look of the moment, it’s about talking about your interests, wishes and style so that we represent you. This could be the inner you that you have not tapped into and are yet to discover, the outgoing you or the more subdue sophisticated lady. You are in control of the character you want to be and the image you wish to portray. The inner you can be the most important one as it portrays a side you may not always reveal in public.

The challenge for me is bringing it to the fore and it could be with a hairstyle you would not have tried in a million years or one that you would only contemplate if you could trust the person who says it can be done. That ‘s me and the words I love to hear are “Did you see her hair…wasn’t it gorgeous, didn’t it shine?”
That radiance will be your hair but it will also be that inner glow that comes from confidence and knowing you look good. Your hair is as special as you are and I treat it that way. Entrust your special day to me and I will dedicate my time and creativity to you.